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Redemption of equipment

Have you decided to abandon the maintenance of unclaimed equipment and are looking for a buyer? Our company is interested in purchasing equipment and is ready to offer real money for it.

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​Free valuation of your forklift. As soon as possible, we will tell you the real market value of your forklift.

It's profitable!

Redemption of used forklifts at real, not underestimated prices.

Purchase of equipment in any condition

We buy forklifts in any condition and at their actual prices. Even if the forklift is not running, we will correctly assess its condition, take into account the necessary repair costs and offer the best price for you.


For pricing, please contact us via email. mail , indicating all the necessary information about it:

  • Year of issue:

  • Engine type: gas, electric or diesel

  • Load capacity:

  • Hours:


  • Photo of the information plate

  • Photo of the engine

  • Photo from 4 angles (front, back, left and right)

Also include your contact phone number for follow-up communication.

Let's work together!

This form of sale and purchase will reduce your financial risks to zero, and will also allow you to solve material difficulties or expand the horizons of new projects.

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